The formula is simple: Top class food & drink, handmade art & craft, the outdoors, lots of space, fantastic live music – something for everyone! Come and spend time with friends and family in our treasured old litchi orchard, whilst supporting the traders and fostering the local community.

The market is divided into 2 distinct sections: Food Market & ‘Art’ Market. In the Food Market section there is a strong focus on food products which are locally and sustainably produced, seasonal and farm-fresh.

Our Art section brings a creative and fun dimension to the overall market, with a selection of top-quality furniture pieces, antiques, fine art, photography, pottery, stoneware, graphic design, jewellery and wood carvings.

Phone: 032 – 5255118

It is advisable to confirm the event prior to going.

Trading Hours:

2nd Saturday of each month : 9h00 – 2h00
Last Friday Evening of the month : 17h00 – 22h00

Cost: R20.00

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