While visiting the North Coast where the fields of Green Gold are abundant, consider taking a visit to the Memorial. It is situated amongst the rolling cane fields of Compensation, ten minutes from Ballito and is the site of South Africa’s first sugar mill.

The garden commemorates the life and work of Sir Edmund Morewood, who grew the first commercial can in South Africa and was the founder of the South African Sugar Industry. In 1851, when his first crop of sugar cane reached maturity, he made the first sugar ever produced in this country, in a primitive factory which once stood where the garden now lies.

The pond, which lies in the garden, is built on the site of the old millpond, fed by a spring, from which Morewood drew the water he needed for his factory. The hexagonal building in the centre of the garden stands where Morewood built his storeroom and the original foundations have been preserved. Beyond this building is the site of Morewood’s factory with the fireplace neat the site of the store. The curved piece of steel is believed to be part of the original boiler.

The picturesque garden provides an interesting heritage site which has been designated National Monument Status.

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