self-catering apartment

About Marichel 4

Set in Thompsons Bay, Ballito, Apartment Marichel 4 offers beach frontal, self-catering accommodation with free wifi and free parking. The property offers private access to Thompsons Bay, one of the most popular beaches on the Dolphin Coast.

Our Story


Elaine grew up at thompson’s bay together with her parents and 6 siblings. The cottage was built in 1963 by her parents. She trained in the huge tidal pool that was built by her grandfather in 1962. The tidal pool is still used today for both leisure and fitness training.

In order to give their children the opportunity that Charles gave them to enjoy the beautiful stretch of beach known as Thompsons Bay, Michel and Marie decided to demolish their cottage and erect a complex now known as MARICHEL.

Each one of their seven children were given the opportunity to purchase an apartment. Marichel 4 was purchased by Elaine, their 5th child and is now giving many people the same appreciation for this area.


The Pioneer of Thompsons Tidal Pool

affectionately known as “Charlie’s Pool” by the locals.

He built the pool in 1962 with the help of his sons, Roland & Cyril De Charmoy, his son-in-laws, Maxime and Michel Robert together with his farm labourers. The pool is 106.68 meters (350ft) long and 30.48 meters (100ft) wide. It took seven weeks and approximately 2000 pockets of cement to build.