Cancellation Policy

In the event of premature departure, we may charge for the full original booking.

3 months before stay date: 90% of deposit is refundable

1 month before stay date: 75% of deposit is refundable or 25% of full quote value (whichever is greater)

2 weeks before stay date: 0% of deposit is refundable

On receipt of a written instruction to cancel, Marichel 4 will refund the applicable amount as determined by the cancellation terms as stipulated, within 5 working days.

Marichel 4 levies a 4.5% administration fee on any refunds processed. Should refunds to a SWIFT bank account be required, an additional R450.00 charge will be levied.

Should there be a covid related case, a full refund will be given OR Marichel 4 can hold the deposit so that you can make a future booking.